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Sam is a highly skilled full-stack developer who keeps us on our toes, having introduced a number of new and exciting technologies to the Outlandish stack, such as webpack and React. He had been making websites for years as a kid in Swansea before he landed in London to study Computer Science. The Outlanders quickly spotted his prodigious talent and signed him up in 2014 before the ink was dry on his degree.

Sam can usually be found crafting silky-smooth JavaScript web applications. His considerable skills have been put to good use on some of Outlandish’s most ambitious projects, including the BBC prototypes Scrubbable and Suggestr, and open-source projects like Kasia.

Sam says he likes working with computers because they do what they’re supposed to, which is testament to his right-first-time coding prowess. In his spare time he enjoys working on open-source JavaScript projects, writing poetry, and playing guitar.

“I love working at Outlandish because it undermines the traditional model of business – to listen to your superiors and receive their wisdom as fact – by asking everyone to question all assumptions, including their own, so that we can fulfil the great potential we have as individuals and as an organisation rooting for tech as a force for good. And I love the people that work with Outlandish, who are kind, thoughtful, progressive, and see their work as part of the bigger picture of a better world. All of this while using the best tech! Boo-ya!”

Sam moved back to Wales and is now working for some exciting start-ups.