Harry founded Outlandish in 2010 with a simple ambition: to build useful web products that make people’s lives easier.

His vision took shape in the fiery cauldron of the BBC’s digital learning team, where he spent four years developing search and navigation systems and building prototypes for educational tools.

It was exciting and frustrating in equal measure; the work was forward-thinking but he knew there was a more agile and efficient way of making websites without the constraints of a large organisation. And so Outlandish was born.

In the early days he did a bit of everything but now he leaves the coding to others and focuses on strategic planning, building partnerships, and coming up with wild new ideas for products.

Before turning to the web, Harry started his career in TV programme development and research, which included a stretch living in Oxford while working on BBC religious and ethical debate show The Big Questions.

He has a degree in politics from the University of Leeds and remains intent on trying to make the world a slightly nicer place.

He does so by smuggling pro bono charity websites into our schedule, inviting a steady stream of interns and budding professionals into the office for advice, training or simply a free desk, and filling a small corner of Turnpike Lane with delicious food at his famous dinner parties.