Rasmus is a highly skilled developer with the ability to crack any coding challenge he sets his mind to.

He joined Outlandish a few months into its life after being aggressively headhunted by founder Harry, an old school friend.

Harry first knew him as the smartest kid in class, before he went off to the University of Manchester to study maths and computer science and morphed into the cleverest grown-up down the pub.

After university he became a software developer at online supermarket Ocado, using languages such as Java, .Net and Oracle to build bespoke warehouse and stock management software, and helping to develop the company’s award-winning iPhone and Android apps.

Rasmus uses a broad range of web technologies at Outlandish and takes charge of most of our data-centric projects, when not troubleshooting everyone else’s work with laser-like precision.

The son of a researcher and a seamstress, in real life he likes to indulge his artistic side in a variety of media from origami to woodwork to pumpkin carving.