We built the UK’s first online auto-enrolment pensions sign-up system for leading provider NOW: Pensions.

This simple and secure web portal lets businesses apply for NOW’s auto-enrolment pension scheme in an intuitive online enrolment. Key features include secure connections and data handling and integration with Salesforce and third-party payroll platforms.

Since launching, it has been used by thousands of businesses and become a key part of the NOW: Pensions business model.

“Outlandish’s value lies in their intelligence, experience and modern agile approach to development.

” They seamlessly upscaled the teams and rotated resources, so that we were always appropriately staffed, and had continuity over the delivery timeframe.

“Their technical skill was unparalleled: I’ve seen many companies claim competency, but none have backed-up it up in the way Outlandish did.

“They’re also very nice people!”

– Peter Thompson, Former Director of IT, NOW: Pensions Ltd