Abi brought a wealth of experience in digital project management and social media strategy when she joined Outlandish in 2011.

She came from the BBC where her roles included project managing a host of e-learning applications, heading up a bespoke CMS build and being the BBC World Service’s social media manager.

Her seven years at the corporation sandwiched a 12 month interlude at a digital agency which worked in e-learning and wasn’t half as fun as Outlandish.

She has also worked extensively as a freelance social media trainer and all-round engagement expert, giving sage advice to News UK, Ordnance Survey and The Economist among others.

After starting as a runner at the BBC, Abi quickly realised her true calling was in telling others what to do, which stands here in good stead at Outlandish where she makes sure the projects are delivered on time, on budget, and do what they’re supposed to.

She is proud of Outlandish’s democratic business structure and believes it helps to maintain the close-knit vibe of her early days at the firm, when life was simple and the office was Harry’s kitchen table.

Outside of work, she used to enjoy playing guitar, penning film reviews and eating out, but now she has two children.