We were approached by a (must-remain-anonymous) research organisation that produces evidence and insights for the anti-corruption fight in Papua New Guinea.

They wanted help generating “a big public conversation” that would inspire action from the various criminal justice agencies across Papua New Guinea and Australia.

The solution was a content rich reporting hub, giving journalists, law enforcement officials, campaigners, multilateral institutions and beyond access to data-driven stories and anti-corruption research.

The design was key: the landing page channelled users towards new exposés, whilst articles contained embedded repositories of a range of media types to support and extend the text narratives. The site was built using Kasia, our very own React Redux toolset for the WordPress API.

The client was very happy with the result, and as traffic to the site grew they commissioned further developments to the PNGi Central and PNGi Portal projects.

“We are fanatically impressed with what you and the team have achieved! You’ve taken the product to levels we never really imagined would be possible. The level of skill and improvisation you’ve brought to the project has been incredible.”

anon client