Matt got his break in digital at Disney’s popular online children’s game Club Penguin.

He was involved in policing that most lawless of web communities, booting out unruly youngsters and cracking down on a black-market in stolen accounts.

At Outlandish, he keeps our developers in check as technical coordinator, keeping up to date with their work and making sure non-techy types are clued in.

He is also lead developer for a number of projects including Outlandish’s WordPress framework Acadoowps, which exemplifies his passion for writing reusable code.

He works with a number of web languages and technologies and traces these skills to a background in philosophy, an area similarly steeped in logic.

As Outlandish’s resident eco warrior, Matt shames us all by avoiding planes – he hasn’t flown for more than 15 years – and neither does he drive, instead whizzing around on his collection of fold-up bikes.

When not saving the planet or pondering the great imponderables, he likes tinkering with tiny Raspberry Pi computers and motion sensors, and one day hopes to make his home fully automated.