An interactive data tool to show how your local schools are being de-funded.

In 2016, the Conservative government was strongly influenced by a campaign called “the F40”. The aim of this campaign was to redistribute schools’ funding away from over-funded regions (such as inner cities), into less well funded regions (such as sparsely-populated counties).

We were approached by the NUT, who made the case that this redistribution of funding would be extremely damaging to those schools that would be de-funded. Instead, the government should simply give more money to under-funded schools – especially given the fact that real-terms per-pupil funding has been decreasing year-on-year since 2003.

As part of our social value remit, we funded the MVP (minimum viable product) for this campaign. The NUT and ATL went on to fund further development, and we recently updated the calculations with the latest confirmed funding formula announced by the government.

This campaign site allows you to search for any school in England and Wales (by name or by postcode) and see the expected change in their funding by 2020. Nearly 98% of schools will have their funding cut under the new calculations.

From there visitors can directly email their MP, share on social media or sign the petition.

We encourage you all to take action against these proposed funding cuts.