With agile focus, Outlandish set out to build an MVP site for Labour Unions, to increase the number of working people who vote, by promoting and making it easier for people to sign up to postal vote. Postal voting allows people to vote ahead of time and is a great way to plan ahead, especially in times of shifting social dynamics.


A few years back Outlandish built the Labour Union’s website. To sit with this we have now built this tool for ease of use and access for people to vote at home.

Outlandish looks to develop lasting relationships with our clients and this project gave us the chance to do just that. Paired with a vision to empower working people, as our target audience, this project ticks two big boxes for Outlandish.


This work allows users to easily:


The site provides a simplified HTML form for people to fill out. The data submitted is then used to populate a postal vote form, from the UK government website, that’s sent pre-filled straight to the user’s inbox. This email also includes the relevant electoral address, personalised according to the user’s post code location.

No return to sender here.

If users don’t have a printer they can request a printed form from their local council or access one at a local library.


We plan to implement analytics to better inform and evolve this MVP from local to national elections, and empower more people in more locations to vote from home.

Next steps

Labour Unions are sharing their new register to vote tool for its use and activation.

Top image by Unsplash Manny Becerra