A Digital Producer and Usability Enthusiast, Amil joined Outlandish after completing the highly competitive coding academy, Founders and Coders.

His interests lie with engaging and mobilising key users, encouraging audiences to carry out crtiicla actions to create and inspire positive social change. 

Amil has managed some of the most exciting projects at Outlandish, including a number of digital campaigns for Greenpeace (the Global Climate Strike in 2019, Plastic Free Rivers and Oreo Video Maker). His brief background in development and interest in making data useful and engaging was great for social monitoring, data dashboards tools designed and built for the British Council and Goethe-Institut, as well as the anti-corruption databases, PNGi Portal and UzInvestigations. 

Currently, Amil is working on a number of research projects to help improve and inform the environmental and health tech spaces, with the shared aim of helping current and future generations.

He has overseen the discovery, design and build of some of the largest websites we’ve developed, including ALCS (the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society) and CHS Alliance websites. 

In his spare time Amil enjoys making music, going for walks and playing cards and board games.