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Kayleigh has been with Outlandish since February 2016. When she’s not managing projects, running user-testing sessions and keeping the finances in order, she works as a community developer, reaching out to other coops and charities.

Before Outlandish, Kayleigh worked in the charity sector in the UK and abroad. She has worked in South America and Fiji on projects ranging from marine conservation to social care for children.

At Outlandish Kayleigh has worked with the BBC News team to prototype and develop innovative news formats, and project managed the School Cuts site from the start of 2017. Kayleigh has also organised many of the hackdays we’ve run for clients, and often leads on our user testing. And she does all this while keeping an eye on the finances!

Kayleigh is also a member of the Worker Coop Council, and is involved in many initiatives to support women in technology. In her down time, she can usually be found listening to sweet house music or trying to keep her Spanish and Portuguese skills up to scratch.

“I love working at Outlandish because we’re an example of people who  care about positive social change and use tech to make good things happen”.