We are super proud to have supported the NEU in building the Covid 19 Map for schools app that launched today.

A super quick and easy to use app for parents and teachers to keep an eye on infection levels of covid in and around the local area of their schools. Information is power and being able to have the data at your finger tips helps you make more informed decisions.

At a press conference on 30th September, Kevin Courtney had this to say:

“The government has in recent weeks done something really good, it’s massively increased the amount of data available about local Covid cases,” said Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the union, during an online press conference earlier today.

“We think that’s very welcome and it’s useful to all public health efforts. But it isn’t easily available, and our website makes it very much more easily available than any of the other websites that we’ve seen.”

screengrab of covid app for school map view

Already today (30th September) there has been loads of coverage of the app across major news outlets. Share it amongst your parent and teacher friends so that they have the data at their fingertips. And keep checking for updates on policy. NEU are campaigning for much better access to testing for schools so that the risk of schools having to close is reduced.

Read full press release here