The Brief

To rebrand and rebuild the Open Rights Group website, with particular focus on highlighting the work that ORG do, and encouraging visitors to join ORG as supporters.

The Client

Open Rights Group (ORG) is a UK based digital campaigning organisation working to protect the rights to privacy and free speech online. ORG have over 3,000 active supporters, and are a grassroots organisation with local groups across the UK.

Our Solution

We began by rebranding the ORG site with a bold and serious design, reflecting the crucial importance of the work done by ORG.

We then built a new website for ORG in WordPress, using the new Gutenberg editor. We designed new content blocks to highlight active campaigns:

As well as new call-to-action blocks:

We believe that these updates to the ORG website will lead to more engagement with ORG campaigns and with ORG as an organisation.

Moving Forward

We hope to work more with ORG in the future, as we are big believers in what ORG are trying to achieve, and we enjoyed working together. We would love to work on custom pages or components for ORG’s upcoming campaigns, on branding for the organisation, or on any other projects that may help ORG achieve their aims.