The brief:

The situation is ridiculous. While house prices have soared, public sector wages have stagnated. And now, without financial support, it can take decades for public sector workers to save for a deposit.

Something has to be done.

The client:

UNISON approached us to create a campaign site that shows the harsh realities facing important public sector workers, especially the gulf between public sector wages and house prices.

Our solution:

We designed and built a simple one-page campaign site that takes the user through a flow of shocking geo-relevant data points, leading to them undertaking a campaign action.

Using UK house price, postcode and wage data, it calculates how long it would take website visitors to save for a deposit, based on their own salary and local authority.

It also illustrates the shameful length of time it would take local care workers, teaching assistants and librarians to do the same.

Finally users can then click a button to generate a call-to-action tweet to send to their MPs, using a database of geolocated MP Twitter handles.

The one-pager site can be seen in its entirety below (click to open):

Moving forward:

There are many ways that this campaign site could be built upon. One option would be to track MPs pledges to take action, in response to tweets.

This is the approach we have taken with our Plastic Free Rivers’ campaign site for Greenpeace, where the platform tracked MP’s engagement with supporters’ tweets / emails and whether they had responded with a pledge.

Supporters could also look up these pledges to see if their MP had already committed to take action.