Jess joined Outlandish in Feb 2022. 

She collaborates with the Outlandish co-operative and eco-system working a dual role as Producer and Business Development support. 

Jess is a tech-for-good fanatic, with more than a decade of experience working in impact driven start-ups. She has worked managing social impact initiatives, covering strategy to operations across digital fundraising, communication and data led decision making. 

She’s had the good fortune of working with inspiring people from inspiring organisations including The United Nations, Planned Parenthood, Make A Wish, YMCA, Doctors Without Borders, The Big Help Project, Tech For Life Summit and The Mos Chukma Institute

At Outlandish Jess works to oversee the production process collaborating with all project participants, keeping the user front of mind. Her role is to empower and enable top talent and top outcomes for our clients and community at large. Her passion lies working in tech-centric teams that design, build and deploy technology tools (with emphasis on tech-for-good). 

Beyond Outlandish, Jess’s passion lies at the intersection of technology, mindfulness and wellbeing. She is very excited about the implications and developments of the ‘psychedelic renaissance’. She sometimes hosts a room on Clubhouse called ‘Psychedelic State of Mind  🧠  🌍  👁’ with a strict open door policy. 

She strives for genuine, lasting relationships that will make the world a better place. If you are working on a project geared towards making the world a better place, Jess and the team would love to hear from you at