We’re excited to announce that this July we’re running a couple of public Outlandish workshops. We run lots of workshops with our clients as part of the service we deliver, and we’ve had really positive feedback about the value they bring. But thus far, they have always been embedded in large sprints of work. Since we’re often asked about the content of these workshops, and how we work our magic, we thought it would be a good experiment to run some stand-alone sessions so that more organisations can access them.

See the information below. We’d love to see you there. Get in touch if you have any questions.

1. Better Business Decision Making: Wednesday 3rd July 2pm-5.30pm

Outlandish is a co-operative, and we’ve done away with hierarchy. We’ve also done away with lengthy discussions and endless meetings. We do this by using Sociocracy. This is a decision making practice that can be used in all organisations, you needn’t be a co-operative, or indeed completely non-hierarchical, though it helps if you value having input from your team members about how they want the organisation to be shaped! For us, getting this buy-in throughout the organisation has been invaluable.

This practical workshop will to introduce you to Sociocracy and give you support to implement it, or elements of it, into your own organisation.

Tickets and more information here. 

2. Design Sprint In A Day: July 15th 10am-5pm

We kick off all our client workshops with a discovery workshop. For these we draw heavily on the Google Design Sprint, mixed with some Theory of Change to make sure that the projects are really achieving their social aims. We’re now offering these workshops as stand-alone opportunities, so that people can benefit from them even if they’re not working with Outlandish on a big digital project. This is a great workshop for anyone planning a digital project, whether it’s a product or a service, and will help to get your project off the ground.

Tickets and more information here.

See you there!