Polly is a member of Outlandish, and mainly manages SPACE4 – our work, training and events space. Polly set this up in 2017 in the offices downstairs from Outlandish HQ. In October 2019 we were awarded a contract by Islington Council to operate another office on Fonthill Road for the next 10 years, so SPACE4 is now located a couple of blocks down the road.

Through SPACE4 we support people developing radical and progressive technology and social innovation, help to build cooperatives, and provide free skills training. We also host a lot of fun events and parties which are great for connecting people in the sector, boosting awareness of the cooperative scene and progressive technology.

Polly has been working in community building for more than 10 years and has a real love of bringing people together physically. She’s worked on all sorts of building-based projects – renovating a factory to turn it into arts spaces in Berlin, working with a large charity to acquire and remodel a central London premises, managing a film location, curating arts and science events in disused warehouses and working in Lisbon to understand the role of coworking and community spaces in urban regeneration. She’s also a trustee of a local adventure playground, which is a lot of fun.

Polly also works a fair bit on developing CoTech and supporting the coops in the network to find new business and collaborate with one another. She also acts as Project Sponsor on some of our digital projects, and supports our clients by finding opportunities (twisting their arms) to speak at our events and come to parties.