This pandemic has hit all of us in so many different ways. As a tech and digital organisation our transition to home working went pretty smoothly. Our work carried on; we have been busy and delivered some fantastic projects not unrelated to the pandemic itself such as a sample reporting tool for Sanger Institute, a community hub to share online and offline events for EUYO and NCO, a home version (now named Big Debate Club) of Smart Schools Council’d classroom debate tool and a number of projects supporting grantees from Catalyst’s round of Covid response funding.

So we faired ok as an organisation and we are extremely grateful for that. But that isn’t to deny the energy and stress and heartache of our own personal experiences through the last 15 months, whether that was welcoming new humans into the world (Jesse and Lara, we love you) or struggling with homeschooling or living on our own and not being able to see anyone, or trying to sell and buy houses and moving across the country or to different countries – and all the things in between. Its been a tiring and a tough year. So we are giving ourselves a break – an extra week off for each of us to take when we need to, and to do whatever we need to get ourselves a little more back on track.

If you get one of our out of offices – we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

All the Outlanders XXX

Love from Jesse

Love from Lara