We are super excited and pleased to announce that we currently have 3 (count ’em) fellow Co-Tech members joining Outlandish for the summer on work placements to help us through a busy period – and a clearly crazy time.

We helped form CoTech for lots of reasons, but in part because we wanted to be able to take on larger projects without having to become huge. We wanted to (and want to) stay small and specialised and collaborate with other trusted organisations to do the big stuff even better. We’ve been doing that in lots of ways, but we are now giving this one a try.

The line-up includes:

Doug Belshaw from We Are Open is working with us on 3ish days a week taking on some productisation work on our zoom/calendar/remote session tool we built for EUYO and NCO, some PM work on BITC – Business in the Community and more, tbc…

Lucy King from InFact Coop will also be coming in to experience project management in Outlandish. Projects tbc (she hasn’t started… yet!)

Aaron Hirtenstein from Agile Coop is coming in to support us on some Business Development work particularly around the sociocracy support strand Pete Burden and I are developing. Watch this space for us kicking off the SolidFund support we received and further programmes you can get involved in.

They will all be with us for the summer (up to 3 months) where we will then review and see where things take us after that. This is not about permanent roles, or poaching from other co-ops AT ALL. This is about building open and collaborative relationships across CoTech co-ops to support each other with our different needs at different times. If we can borrow each other and learn how different co-ops actually, really work, we can share skills, understanding of each other and improve the way each of us work through gaining the learning we have all gathered.

We’ll keep you posted on how it is going! And hopefully they will too… 😉