Like Lucy, I responded to Outlandish’s call for some project management help but have ended up working on other things!

I’ve averaged two days per week over the past couple of months, with my main focus being helping set up a new Products strand of work. That’s involved running a fully-online Theory of Change process which I think has gone pretty well, mainly because of how encouraging and open everyone is.

My home co-op, We Are Open (WAO), has different kinds of clients to Outlandish tending to involve less development and more discovery. In both scenarios, however, clear communication is essential, so it’s been really useful to share tips and techniques around this.

One of the main reasons I was keen to work directly with Outlandish was to experience consent-based decision-making for myself over a period of time. While I’d had some exposure to this, the day-to-day impact of the approach is even better than I’d hoped. It’s a very human way to do business, allowing you to bring your full self to work.

I’ve written something about this on my personal blog: 3 advantages of consent-based decision making

Overall, there’s a bunch things I’ve already brought back to WAO as well as some things I’ve woven into the work I’m doing for Outlandish. I’m delighted to see Principle 6 [Co-operation Among Co-operatives] in action!

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