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Developing your product with Outlandish

Trying to improve the lives of others through tech? Got an idea for a website, service or app?

Or maybe your existing product needs to develop further?

Whatever the stage of your product, get it defined with this intensive day-long session.

About the workshop

This unique workshop takes the best elements of emotional design and the Google Design Sprint and boils them down to one day. Come along with your ideas and we’ll take you through exercises that blast them apart before turning them into something that works for real people. We’ll help you define key users, conceptualise your minimum viable product and create your product roadmap.


  • Public workshop for individuals & small teams
  • Lunch provided
  • Whole team workshops and more dates available on request
  • Prices start at £250+VAT per person

Booking now / more information

Please contact hello@outlandish.com if you’d like to hear more, or book directly here.


Team members discuss a whiteboard showing a user journey

The Promise2030 team at a recent Outlandish Design Sprint

A series of wireframes showing a user journey through a mobile website

One of the many prototype outputs at a recent ‘Design Sprint in a Day’ workshop.