The brief

Building on our design sprint and prototypes for The Bristol Cable, we were approached by CORRECTIV to design a new software-as-a-service product for newsrooms across Europe to engage their local communities in the journalistic process.

The client

CORRECTIV is the first donation-financed research centre in Germany, with award-winning investigative journalism at its core. Their reporters do long-term research to uncover systematic grievances, corruption and unethical behaviour.

The client team also included members of The Bristol Cable, who were involved in a related design sprint the previous year.

Our solution

One of the team’s user storyboards through the product concept.

We delivered a bespoke, 4 day Design Sprint that included:

Impact and going forward

With a client team made of journalists, UX/UI designers and developers from across Europe, the sprint brought them together, formed an agreed direction and laid out an initial vision for the project.

Straight after the sessions, the team moved into a design+build sprint to develop their first iteration of the product. You can keep track of it’s progress here.

Some of the outputs through our Design Sprint process.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash