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Next workshop: Sociocracy 101: Consent-based decision making (Wednesday 11th November 2020)

Building OUT

Outlandish is enabling teams (within organisations who want to make the world better) to improve their skills of communication, collaboration, and co-operation so that they can better deliver their goals.

Our theory of change is to pursue this through a programme we call ‘Building OUT’, where OUT not only stands for the first three letters of Outlandish, but Openness, Understanding, and Trust.

👉 Does your team/organisation need Building OUT? 👈

The resources in this playbook are a mixture of those created by Outlandish and the best of what we’ve discovered on the web, divided by changes you might want to make in your organisation.

We want…

…to make better decisions ✅


…to improve the way we work as a team 📈


…to learn more about Sociocracy 🤔

Image: “Playbook Page” by playability_de is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0