Noel does web things, writing code for infrastructure, mobile apps and most bits in between.

He’s a collaborator on a range of Outlandish projects part-time. Outside Outlandish he keeps an eye on the Big Give‘s architecture, and tries to stay up to date with the charity & Tech for Good world. He’s worked freelance with lots more fab people over the years, and was full-time with Comic Relief 2015-18.

As a fan of sharing ideas across different bits of the tech landscape, Outlandish is a great fit. The range of projects is a perfect base for continually seeking out appropriate new tech as the world progresses (at least in this respect!), making the best choices for both teams’ knowledge and clients’ projects.

His non-tech life consists largely of attending as many gigs as physically possible, and slowly edging towards inflicting “experimental” musical output on the world.