Konstantinos considers himself a generalist developer. He worked for 20+ years at Greenpeace before joining Outlandish; he still has a lot of love for the organisation.

Konstantinos started as database administrator, moving around different database systems, project management methodologies, management styles, technologies, programming languages until he decided that this is what he likes most: Learning new things.

For the last few years he has been working with php, python, google apps scripting, lua (For coronaLabs, which is not to be confused with other “corona” words), kubernetes and docker. He also has lots of experience working with WordPress and Joomla, and has done for many years. Konstantinos’ most recent projects at Outlandish are written in php and python.

He feels very strange writing a text about himself in the third person, thinking “one should not be doing that”.

Konstantinos (also goes by the name of “Koyan”) has been accused of many things in his life.
A good sense of humour…. was not one of them.
Nevertheless he thinks he has one.