A service to build Openness, Understanding and Trust for purpose-driven teams

We care about building open, trusting and understanding within teams, because we think these are the foundations for how people can accomplish great things together and feel happy and fulfilled at the same time.

We want to share our experience in building these principles with other organisations to help them develop their working practices and communications.

What we offer


We run hands-on workshops on a variety of approaches, focused on teams and how they can work together better. Above all, this involves changing how we talk to each other and make decisions together.

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Team Support

We offer an adaptable approach (not a one-size-fits-all solution) that is led by us listening and understanding your needs, and taking one step at a time, at the pace and budget that works for you. This might include workshops, coaching or pair conversations, introducing approaches you can use and practise with and without us.

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We are not experts who will give you all the answers (sorry!). Instead we are:

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