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Who is really unelectable?

By Kayleigh Walsh, 26 May 2017

There are loads of things that I love about working with Outlandish. One is that we can individually decide how to invest our surplus, and another is that this is a working environment where we can be ourselves and present opinions without judgement or reprimand. This might not seem much. But I think it’s a huge statement when an organisation allows for open and honest communication on anything without reserving judgement or controlling what you say.

When the snap election was announced, there was a flurry of activity at Outlandish Towers which kicked off around a shared lunch: what were we going to do about the election? A few of our clients had got in touch requesting updates to sites that we’d already built, so we focused on gaps where we felt we were able to make a strong and stable contribution to the election.

One of our developers mentioned that he had registered unelectable.co.uk as a domain name. He was tired of the mainstream media’s character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn and wanted to build a simple site that provided a direct comparison between past votes and policies of both the Tories and Labour, and more specifically Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. We formed a team, pitched it to the rest of Outlandish, and the project was funded by people pledging their surplus.

In less than two weeks, we designed and built unelectable.co.uk with statistics sourced from Full Fact, School Cuts and They Work For You among others.


We made a site that removed the media bias that so many people have become accustomed to and no longer question. Ironically, we’ve received feedback that the site is in favour of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour policies – even when we point out that these are all proven stats.

We just think that we might have clarified who is unelectable.