We are delighted to be able to announce that Outlandish have embarked on a collaborative partnership with London Funders to create a digital portal to support their funding programmes for the next few years. When we saw the brief we knew it was one we really wanted, as it combines together the three pillars of our own business: innovative digital development, collaborative working and supporting and empowering local communities

London Funders worked incredibly hard with 67 London based funders over Covid to fund millions of pounds to civil society organisations, the processes and systems they put in place worked incredibly well and were fired up quickly to deal with the crisis of Covid. They now want to consolidate the many things they learnt and experienced during that stressful and high pressured time, to build a system and process that can support collaborative funding programmes (using a single application process) in a more sustainable way, over the longer term and with hopefully slightly less human hours worked to keep things running smoothly!

Other than the always complex challenge of incorporating multiple stakeholders needs into a single portal, there is a tight timeline to get something live and a need to genuinely collaborate and engage with all those users and stakeholders to ensure the portal serves the needs of as many as possible. 

We anticipate and hope to build a long term relationship with London Funders to iterate and improve on the system through understanding and learning from the people interacting with it directly and grow the ability to deliver a great experience for grantees, Funders and London Funders themselves for many years to come. 

Watch this space for when we have something to share with you all 🙂