Our niche and passion at Outlandish is building digital tools that collect, collate, and share data for positive social impact. This past June (while it was cold and raining outside – the worst early summer in memory?!) we worked hard on three data projects that we’re particularly proud of.

1. Sexual Exploitation, Abuse Harassment Tool, CHS Alliance

The CHS Alliance is a global alliance of humanitarian and development organisations committed to making aid work better for people by strengthening accountability.

We custom built them a (secure, multilingual, and user-friendly!) WordPress plugin which enabled their member organisations to collect, aggregate, and visualise anonymised global data about incidents of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harrassment within member organisations. The dashboards and visualisations showed trends which has allowed the CHS Alliance to analyse and develop biannual reports and therefore supports the aid sector’s understanding of how to better respond to and prevent such incidents.

Read the full project write up

2. Get Voting, Best for Britain

Best for Britain is a pressure group that generates research and data to advocate for positive change in British politics and policy. They asked Outlandish to build a tool that would encourage as many people as possible to vote tactically in order to get the Conservatives out of government (YES WE WILL DEFINITELY HELP WITH THAT!!).

We built a WordPress site to house the tool, with plenty of custom blocks that the team could use to build their static pages and arrange their content and data. The client can easily upload a csv file in the WordPress backend so they could keep updating their data and recommendations without input from us. We also built a widget that could be used by third parties to embed the tool on their sites. This was used by the Mirror, which drove a lot of traffic to the site. 

Read the full project write up

3. School Cuts, National Education Union

School Cuts is one of our most successful data-driven campaigns. Maintained by the National Education Union, it aggregates and visualises government spending (or let’s just call it what it is – CUTS) to school funding. We’re proud that even after eight years it’s going strong for a new election. But can you believe that neither the Labour nor Conservative manifestos had any actual figures for their spending on education?!?

Read the full project write up

Anyway if you’re looking to leverage your data to make impactful campaigns or resources for social movements don’t hesitate to get in touch at hello@outlandish.com!