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4 things I learnt in my first 4 days at Outlandish

18 Apr 2014

Our newest Outlander Olly shares his first week.

Being open is cool
Outlandish is a small but quickly growing team of smart people, which is why I wanted to work here. Due to its ethos around free and open communication I know the company’s revenue and profit, the intricacies of its business model and future plans, and that Harry likes whiskey, a lot. As someone who is not a fan of navigating bureaucracy, this was pretty refreshing. Oh yeah.

Finsbury Park is a really nice place to work
There’s a great number of nice, independent, local places to eat, a very loud man who sells strawberries, and a swanky theatre bar all within 50 metres of the Outlandish office. Despite 6 years in London I’d shamefully spent very little time in Finsbury Park. Come and visit us, and find out for yourself. Tip: Go to Aubergine, they’re delivering our team lunch every Tuesday for the next year and the first one was delicious.

We’ve got some great clients… and our own products coming soon
We’re working on some interesting projects for people like the BBC, the Arts Marketing Association, and 33 Digital – ongoing, iterative product builds rather than campaign work. I’m still familiarising myself with the work and preparing to assist in the projects’ smooth running, but I’m getting there. I’m also keen to help Outlandish productise some of their technology so that we can make it available to multiple clients at an even better price, plus used shared insights to drive the products forward. Doing cool stuff, basically.

4 days was actually 3.5 days
Thanks to a last-minute house move, 4 days actually became 3.5, after a panicked 10pm email got me my first morning off and a £10 Kabbee ride took me (and rather a lot more stuff than anticipated) to my brand new house.

More of this next week. Follow me on Twitter @helloitsolly.