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who we are

Harry Robbins


Harry founded Outlandish with Tam because he was fed up with things not getting made.

Before becoming an Outlander, Harry worked at the BBC producing prototypes of next-generation tools to help people learn. Before that he worked in TV, radio and marketing copywriting for the public and private sector.

Abigail Murphy


Abi joined Outlandish from the BBC where she worked on social media strategy for BBC World Service and managed a wide range of sites for BBC Learning.

She organises the rest of the Outlanders to ensure projects are delivered to happy clients.


Rasmus Winter


Rasmus has a master’s degree in Computer Science, where for his dissertation he developed BioQSpace, a 3D visualisation tool in collaboration with the bioinformatics department.

Before joining Outlandish, Ras was a senior developer at Ocado where he helped create their in-house software and mobile apps.

Matt Kendon


Matt studied philosophy at university, but he now applies his knowledge of logic to build a diverse range of projects with Outlandish.

As well as working with a number of web technologies and languages, Matt is also having a lot of fun with his collection of Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos and assorted electronic components.

Hanna Laakso


Hanna is endlessly interested in how we use and consume all things web.

At Outlandish, Hanna gets things moving forward with her boundless enthusiasm for learning new technologies and for creating web that helps people achieve what they want to do in way that suits them.

Matt Crow


Matt makes everything at Outlandish look pretty.

Matt joined Outlandish from the design and branding agency UXB London where he headed up their digital design team.

Ronald Mansveld


Ronald moved from The Netherlands to London in persuit of his dream. He has been building websites for 15 years now, and has over the years evolved from a general web developer to a backend developer.

Being the self-proclaimed ‘Ruler of unruly data’, Ronald is our go-to-man for any data-driven tasks.

Sam Gluck


Sam makes up for his lack of oldness with an incredible love of the web and ability to pick up new things.

Michael Ohl


Michael left France after obtaining a university degree in Networks & Telecommunications in order to do an internship at the University of Westminster, he then fell in love with this country and decided to join Outlandish.

He loves it when people can work happily without caring about network issues.

It Could Be You


Are you a Developer, Project Manager, Designer or a Trainee?

Do you think you would like to work with us?

We are looking for the next talented Outlander to join our team. Get in touch to find out more and we’ll talk over a cup of tea!