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Outlandish demographics

By Ronald Mansveld, 30 May 2014

Recently we ran an office-wide survey to see how all employers think the company is doing at the moment, and what can be made even better. The results are in, and bring some interesting results, some of which we will share with you in a later blogpost.

Before I will take you by the hand for this journey through one of my favourite parts of the world (which many of you know as ‘statistics’ and ‘survey data’), let’s have a closer look at the demographics of Outlandish in this blog:

As you can see, we currently are still a British company, even though the EU is catching up, with non-British Europeans currently making up 33% of all Outlanders. (Nigel: they’re doing a great job here, please don’t send them away ☹)

Other demographics paint pretty much the same picture as any other tech-company: we’re a predominantly white-male company:

That means we’re actually not that different from Google! Of course you can always get in touch with us if you think you’d make a great addition to our current team.

Age-wise we’re all really close together, as you can see in the bump that graphing our ages creates: (Apart from our youngest recruit that is)

The only question that remains: will the results from our survey be as close together as our demographics? We will see next week when I’ll be blogging about the results themselves.