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On Saturday 1st June, Outlandish’s workspace, SPACE4, partnered with Planet B Productions to host a one day conference for thought leaders in the progressive media and economics space.

50 people seated in front of a panel of 4 speakers.

Our aim was to discuss how traditional media outlets remain wedded to economic orthodoxy and look at ways we can leverage new forms of digital multimedia to spread new economic thinking and expand the base of progressive movements.

Image of four panelists, one speaking with a microphone

We heard from 18 brilliant speakers throughout the day with lively discussion and informal conversation throughout. You can find the full schedule of speakers and panels on Eventbrite but to name a few:

  • Gary Stevenson (Gary’s Economics) started the day with a rousing keynote on how we need to be supporting good communicators and using new forms of digital media to talk about economics with ordinary people;
  • We heard from Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths) about the Media Reform Coalition;
  • Craig Gent (Novara Media) talked us through the logistics of growing an independent media house;
  • Hannah O’Rourke (Campaign Lab) reminded us of some unique spaces on social media which are important for movement building;
  • Richard Roaf (Video Rev) spoke about human-centred storytelling;
  • Joi Lee (Earthrise) reminded us how research shows that young people want to be entertained and influenced;
  • Daniel Vockins (Global Fund for a New Economy) spoke about us dreaming of what a new media ecosystem looks like;
  • and Amy Hall (Nourishing Economics) spoke about the Good Ancester Movement’s new report on funding the solidarity economy.

The list goes on and on. In fact, Polly Robbins (SPACE4) had to remind us in her closing speech of all the key takeaways from the fascinating discussions.

A crowd of seated people laughing and talking to each other
A crowd of people standing in the SPACE4 lobby and talking

We enjoyed a fantastic middle-eastern lunch from a local independent cafe we frequent at SPACE4 – Gadz Coffee Shop. And it fuelled an afternoon of even more conversation which finally ended at our local pub.

Middle eastern food laid out on a table in different containers
People serving themselves middle eastern food from different containers

All in all it was a beautiful day. Thanks to everyone who came and contributed! We regularly host discussions, workshops, and conferences, so please do check out SPACE4’s events programme.

Are you looking to convene your network?

SPACE4 is all about activating social movements. We love bringing together our clients and our community of mission-aligned professionals and organisations through in-person events. So if you’d like to organise a conference don’t hesitate to contact the SPACE4 team – Maddy, Polly and Natasha – at