Natasha discovered cooperatives, Outlandish, and SPACE4 (in that order) in June 2022 while doing research for her MA around the worker politics of creative freelancers – a job title she’d been experimenting with since 2016. Two weeks later she was dancing to garage at a SPACE4 party and applying for a job as their events programmer. She hasn’t looked back since.

Natasha is over the moon that she’s working on events at the intersection of tech for good, cooperatives, progressive economics, and left-leaning local politics. She also loves that part of her job involves geeking out with Maddy about the placement of fairy lights and making up funny puns with Polly for signage and marketing campaigns.

When not at SPACE4, Natasha can be found on a long walk in Scotland, binge-watching TV, or staring into space and thinking about restarting her comics career.