Outlander Abi introduces you to our latest data-driven tool: a social media monitor for the British Council

We’ve been working with David Blundell, Social Media Manager for British Council, to develop a bespoke monitoring tool. It tracks all of British Council’s Facebook and Twitter presences around the globe, measuring the presences against agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and giving each a score in relation to each other.

On 15th April the tool was launched to British Council employees and is available to view in a non logged-in form.

As data experts we were able to build a tool that gathers all relevant data for monitoring the KPIs (full report, PDF), write algorithms to aggregate the scores and rank all the presences against each other.

The tool has been well received and has made the targets and goals the British Council has set the teams who run their social media presences much more overt, giving them tangible targets.

We look forward to delivering further advancements to the tool in the coming year, including integrating Chinese social media services. We might need to hire a Chinese speaking developer to help us with this one!

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Visit the British Council Social Media Monitor >>