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A practical workshop giving you an introduction to effective communication techniques that will build openness, understanding and trust within your team.

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What would it look like to be able to express yourself in a way that people actually hear what you are trying to say and it doesn’t cause conflict or negative reactions in other people? To respond calmly rather than to escalate the situation?

Right now, where many of us are remote and instant messaging is very much the norm, the need to communicate better is more relevant than ever.

We can all recognise when we are not communicating well, as it shows in a variety of ways – feeling anxious, frustrated or upset, avoiding a colleague or a particular conversation, or just generally not enjoying work. This can lead to an inability to make decisions together, which is problematic for any organisation.

At Outlandish, we have long recognised the value of good communication and have been on a journey together to raise our awareness of our own unconscious patterns of behaviour and change them for the better.

This has had huge benefits for us as a team and been invaluable to our success, and we are now keen to share our experience and knowledge with others.

This workshop is based on your facilitators’ real-life experience of implementing the approach over many years in a business setting. The session will give you a practical, hands-on taster, and enough knowledge to start using these techniques in your own organisation (and your personal life!).

Need more convincing? You can read about leading and managing at Outlandish and how we communicate at Outlandish.


Personal benefits:

  • gain a clear idea of what a good relationship is like!
  • learn ways to communicate more effectively through active listening and speaking more clearly
  • learn to be more confident and comfortable to be able to express your own needs and discover the right course of action

Relational benefits:

  • develop relationships that are trusting, honest, flexible, authentic, and responsive.
  • acknowledge yours and other’s contribution and help each other to take responsibility
  • give and receive honest feedback (and welcome this!)

Organisation-wide benefits:

  • leaving you with a simple memorable format which can be used to signal a different kind of meeting, and negotiate difficult conversations
  • leverage your differences to meet a joint purpose
  • appreciate other people’s needs and the shared needs of the group

This workshop is the first step on a journey, and so while we don’t expect everyone to master every communication instantly (sorry, it doesn’t work that way!), we know from experience that using these techniques has many long term benefits.

Who this workshop is designed for

The workshop is aimed at people who are interested in more effective ways of communicating, dealing with difficulties and making decisions collaboratively.

This includes, but is not limited to people who:

  • recognise the importance of communication
  • are struggling with professional relationship problems – building a team, and/or being part of a team
  • are leading teams and/or working in teams and who are open to new ways to deal with human relationships

The facilitators

Pete Burden and Abi Handley are delivering this workshop, based on their real-life experience of using and implementing communication techniques.

Pete is a team and leadership coach who works with purpose-oriented businesses and organisations. Hehas been pivotal in supporting people at Outlandish to communicate better (alongside introducing Sociocracy).

Abi is a key organiser within Outlandish. She works across programme management, finance, and business development and focusses much of her time in developing communication skills across the Outlandish team and with clients.

Timing & Format

The workshop is split into two half days on consecutive weeks, running from 10.00am – 1.00pm.

We intentionally keep the numbers of this session low, so that everyone gets a chance to get involved. Most of our time will be spent on practising the communication techniques together to maximise your learning. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own specific issues ‒ so we can all learn together.


£300 (£250+VAT)

We have priced the workshop to be accessible for individuals and SME’s, but if it is still beyond your reach please get in touch and we’ll see how else we can help you.

Sign up

You can book tickets on Eventbrite or if you would like to find out more contact hello@outlandish.com.

We can also arrange a bespoke workshop for your team. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this option.

Find out more about Building OUT, our programme of services to support teams to work with more Openness, Understanding & Trust (OUT).

*in face to face workshops we provide lunch, so for workshops delivered during the coronavirus outbreak we will be scheduling a meet-up for all attendees at our co-working office, Space 4, once we are allowed out to play. This will be an informal lunch or evening session to meet face to face with the people you trained with online.