While our years of experience devising and designing digital products has given us some insights, there’s no better way of learning about your own product than doing proper testing with end users.

User testing at Outlandish

If you have an existing product or even just designs, we can undertake in-person or online usability testing, to assess how well it’s meeting their needs and your organisational goals.

Our bespoke sessions typically feature a short interview leading into scripted, 1:1 facilitated tests where we ask users from your target user-group to undertake a series of ‘tasks’ (e.g. use your tool to book an interview with a financial advisor).

During the test we capture user errors and mistakes, preferences, ideas and noted behaviours.

Finally, in our post-testing sessions, we work with you to synthesis the results and ‘process the overload’ – i.e. to take all the information, find common themes and constructively use it to decide next steps for your product.

A young woman stands in front of a whiteboard covered with written notes orgnanised into categories of Questions from Users, Noted Behaviours, Useful Ideas, Elements the user liked, and Elements the user disliked.
The raw results from one of our usability testing sessions on an interactive prototype.