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New Journal Enterprise News Websites

Helping London's newspapers reach their online readers

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New Journal Enterprise has three main news outlets: the Camden New Journal, the Islington Tribune, and the West End Extra.

Their old website took hours to publish new content, was poorly represented in search engines and social media, didn’t have a reliable way of publishing to all outlets simultaneously, or allow users to easily access content from the sibling outlets. And despite all this it was still quite costly to run.

A solution for three newspaper outlets

We delivered the New Journal Enterprise three best-in-class websites for their newspapers, using the latest JavaScript and WordPress technologies. We even went so far as to build our very own library, Kasia, during the project’s development that allows developers to easily connect React components with the WordPress API.

The new websites are faster and cheaper to run, and since launch bounce rates have been slashed – the Camden New Journal alone has seen a reduction from 80% to ~10% and an increase in page views of 71%.