Ewan lives in York, and joined Outlandish as a collaborator in 2022. 

He came from two backgrounds at once: on the side, freelance video, print and web design; and as the main course, working with community and charity organisations. He started as a youth worker (both in person and online, beginning before even Facebook was a thing) but was mainly in national charities: first supporting unpaid carers online, and later running a workplace mental health website.

He’s interested in the way people work and cooperate, and how values always come into it somewhere. He thinks about allyship, privilege and related issues that, like many people in his demographic, he only realised in recent years how little he had understood all along. And he’s realised how much of welfare comes down to structure, power dynamics and autonomy, routinely overlooked by almost everyone.

All of the above make him delighted to be with Outlandish. It’s a marriage made in, er, Finsbury Park.

Outside this, he is becoming obsessed with synthesisers, electronic and vintage music and YouTube videos featuring them; learns just enough Python code to support random projects involving 3D printing, a Raspberry Pi or two and amateur electronics; and, as a humanist celebrant, has written and conducted well over 100 weddings and other ceremonies.