Job Vacancy: Mid-level UI / Product Designer

Location: At our London office (or UK with regular visits to our London office)

Duration: 3 – 5 days per week (freelance contract first, with potential to be an employee & co-owner of the business later. Read on for more info. 👇)

Deadline: ongoing / when filled

The Role:

Come join us! We have fabulous work at the moment designing tech solutions for not-for-profits, charities and organisations working for social good. Initially employed as a designer on a contract/freelance basis, you’ll also have potential to become full a Member of our co-operative a little further down the line.

We want diversity and encourage applications from all backgrounds.

Who are we looking for?

If you can answer most of these questions positively, contact us! 👇

  • Are you passionate about designing new products and user interfaces?
  • Do you want to solve real-world challenges and create positive social change?
  • Are you happy to work directly with clients and users? To sketch and throw around ideas, and to get people thinking in new ways about the problems they’re facing?
  • Are you highly adept with Figma?
  • Do you have experience designing websites, web apps, dashboards and data tools?
  • Do you want to work closely with Producers (our word for Project Managers/Product Owners), UX researchers and developers?
  • Do you want to share skills and techniques with others, and build a healthy design culture?
  • Are you interested in knowing how a business runs?
  • Are you interested in worker-owned co-operatives? Do you want to learn about them?

We are looking for people who want to learn, want to innovate and want to collaborate as part of a team that supports each other and tries to make a difference.

“Outlandish lives and shares a transformative approach to tech business that brings about positive social change, balanced with the importance of a positive working environment”

Outlandish’s Theory of Change

It’s not just a job

We don’t have traditional job roles at Outlandish because a co-operative requires all the members to participate in the running of the organisation.

We want to recruit a designer who starts as a “Collaborator” (our name for freelancers we regularly work with), but might eventually join us as a business owner (a “Member” of the co-operative), delivering value to the business in the best way they can. For you, this might be predominantly doing design on great social impact tech, but it might also include business development, attending events, helping with the finance and providing wider leadership.

Basically, we have an immediate need for designer skills but long-term this doesn’t mean you have to stay that way, or only use those skills. You can set your own objectives and plans for growth, and where possible we will support them.

Pay & benefits

Pay can be a deal breaker, we know that. We try to pay fairly but know there is no entirely fair system. We are completely open about what everyone is paid and we do have some rules we abide by.

For instance, we have a 1:3 pay ratio which means no one is paid more than 3 times the lowest paid Collaborator on an ongoing basis. We don’t generally pay freelancers at the market rate – our Collaborator rates are currently £250-£400 /day – but we do consider ourselves to be paid well with regular work.

We also consider the below as significant extra benefits, which you get as soon as you start working with us;

  1. An opportunity to meaningfully contribute and change the way we are working. We are a worker-owned co-operative and exist to not only deliver impactful work to the world, but also to be a great place to work for everyone. That’s something that needs everyone’s contribution.
  2. Regular on-the-job training and learning is encouraged for all who work at Outlandish. Collaborators  are encouraged to attend training sessions we set up. These are often around improving communication skills or resolving conflict.
  3. We are friends at Outlandish and always encourage non-work activities. These include paid lunches for all those in the office on Tuesdays, and invites to the communal lunch on Wednesdays in our busy coworking & events space, SPACE4.
  4. We support flexible ways of working wherever possible (although do require some face to face office time and regular visits to the office). Lots of us are parents too, so we know how tough juggling that can be 😉
  5. Flexible working arrangements – need to take a month off? Or be based out of another country for a while? Great. We want to build a work culture that supports its workers – we strive for a transformative approach to tech business and we’ll do our best to support you too.
  6. We distribute profits so that all Collaborators can choose to support projects for charities and projects they believe in and who don’t have the funds they need.

How we’ll work together

The projects we have worked on since being founded in 2010 cover a huge range of things. Take a look at our work to get a sense of what we do and like.

Should you like us and we like you, you will be offered a 10 day paid trial (office based if possible, but it could be remote) where we both get to test the waters and see how it goes. After the trial the team will make an assessment and we will ask you to assess us, and the outcome of those assessments will determine the next steps.

We initially hire everyone as a freelancer so that both you and us get a feel for how the collaboration is going. We’ll be able to give you a good idea of how many hours we can give you once we understand what skills you have and match you to the projects and work we have available.

How to apply

If you are interested in talking more, please send an email to giving your answers to the questions above, your expectation on day rate/pay, some links (e.g. to your portfolio) and an idea of your availability.

If we think your skills match what we’re looking for we’ll invite you in for an interview and to meet some of the team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Absolutely no agencies please.