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Web and Communications Trainee

17 Jun 2021

We are looking for a Web and Communications Trainee. This traineeship is being provided as part of the national Kickstart Programme for 16-25 year olds. To be eligible for this position you must be enrolled in the programme. There is more information at the bottom of this page about the Kickstart.

About the role

Are you interested in digital technology and communications? Do you have excellent written and verbal communication skills? Are you keen on expanding your knowledge and learn new tech skills? This might be your next job! 

In this role you will provide a brand new service to small businesses and community projects, building them ultra low-cost websites and providing social media support. We will train you in how to work with WordPress (an Open Source Content Management System), as well as in how to set up and run social media campaigns. There will also be an opportunity to learn some graphic design skills using Adobe Photoshop and other programs. 

With support from our team, you will be responsible for recruiting new clients to this service; meeting with clients (either in person or remotely) to find out if their project is eligible; working with them to find out their needs and requirements; setting up WordPress sites for these clients; adding graphic and written content that they provide; where needed, creating new content; setting up social media channels for clients; planning social media campaigns; executing social media campaigns. You will also be in close contact with other members of the Outlandish team to monitor, evaluate and improve this service.

Where appropriate, we will also ask you to participate in other business activities, and attend internal meetings. These will give you a more well-rounded understanding of how our business works and skills required in the sector.

Who we are

Outlandish is a digital agency which builds websites and digital tools for social impact. Our clients include charities, NGOs, trade unions, and companies wanting to make a positive difference to society. In addition, we operate SPACE4, a shared work, training and events space in Finsbury Park. SPACE4 seeks to grow the tech-for-good sector, and support local people and businesses to thrive in the digital world. 

We will provide the technical training and support. It is essential that you have some experience of building any kind of website or blog; experience using social media including Instagram and Twitter; an interest in digital technology and communications; excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

The following would be desirable: experience of working in or setting up a small business, community project or group; an interest in generating social impact; a desire to work with a range of different people. 

The successful candidate will be someone who is happy to work independently at a computer, as well as confident speaking to team mates and clients.

25 hours/week

Monday – Friday 10am-6pm

Hourly rate of pay: £16.65 (£125 per day) (7.5hr day)

How to apply

Please send a CV to polly@outlandish.com and answer the following questions (no more than 400 words in total):

  • Tell us a bit about yourself
  • What is your experience in making websites or blogs? Please provide links  (urls) if possible.
  • If you could make websites, how would you use this new skill to make the world better?
  • What are your favourite websites or social media channels/campaigns? What do you like about them?
  • Have you been involved in any community, political or social campaigns? If so, what did you do, and what did you enjoy about them?
  • Tell us about one thing you like about your local area or community, and one thing you would improve.


More information about The National Kickstart Programme

The trainee will, as part of their role, undertake a wrap-around 6-month programme of employability and developmental training, delivered by Koreo, a talent development consultancy that has over a decade of experience supporting young people to kickstart their career to create social change.  Learning together with their Kickstart peers across the charity sector, all sharing similar values and career motivations, this programme will be similar in approach to the their national Charityworks scheme (www.charity-works.co.uk). 

It will comprise a range of onboarding support, skills sessions aimed at developing employability, national conferences, group workshops, peer coaching and practical toolkits all delivered through the Koreo Digital Learning Platform. Koreo are currently exploring the possibility for the Kickstart Learning Programme to be an endorsed ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) opportunity, and for them to be able to offer in real life delivery as and when government restrictions allow.