Outlandish was started in 2010 by freelancers who were unhappy with how the digital economy worked and wanted to do things differently. Our past five years have been an on-going experiment in alternative ways of working, attempting to meet the needs of an often flexible workforce and deliver a mix of commercial and non-profit projects. While we create valuable products for our clients, our aim is also to strengthen co-operative forms of organisation and create digital tools for social change.

Our long-term plan is to build a network of people and support services that make it easier for developers and designers to make a living while working towards these aims.

Outlandish have previously ran events such as dotComrade to bring together tech workers who are interested in social issues. After some years of successful work, we now have the chance to use some of our financial gains to further build this network.

One of our initiatives this year is a fellowship programme. We will support talented individuals or teams who share our aims and are working on interesting problems. As we are almost always working at the full capacity of our staff, we are inviting people who are not part of Outlandish to pitch ideas, which we will consider supporting. This will help make some valuable projects happen that otherwise would struggle to be funded, while also expanding the network of people that we collaborate with.


How to get involved

  • We are launching our fellowship on March 15h. If you are interested in the fellowship, or collaboration in this area, we would love to see you our launch event at Newspeak House.

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  • If you are not certain about an idea of your own, but would like to participate in our work, do get in touch. We currently have several work opportunities at Outlandish, and we can connect you with other projects supported through the fellowship.
  • To stay in the loop about upcoming activities and events, do follow our blog and Twitter feed.