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Pull Push Pop

04 Feb 2014

Wowsers. A full month into twentyfourteen, where did that go? Starting the year as an Outlander (WOO!) has been a pretty neat way to kick things off. There is a great ‘open to all’ atmosphere in the studio, where everyone can get involved have an input on various projects that are happening, which is great. Although my first few weeks have involved heaps of reading, learning new software/programs, meetings, & entering the matrix, which gives an indication into one of my roles as an Outlander.

With my previous role as designer across all digital/print & motion, I’m familiar with clients requiring certain elements of a project to “pop” :S – however on a digi-project when the new ‘eye popping’ design is all signed off & ready to go live, it was previously passed onto dev team. Who then do some super quick keyboard bashing shout out “Pull” then bash some more & then “Push”, i had no clue. This is all about to change, as an Outlandishly way of working that i have picked up on is ‘see one, do one, teach one’. Which i think is a good way of going about certain tasks. This method gives me a better understanding of the process & how things work which is great, but also frees up other Outlanders to work on other more complex projects. So look out for our new approach to design ; ) & I’ll let you know how i get on.

Image cred bestuff.com

Pull Push Pop