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Hide Deprecated Errors in WordPress

22 Jun 2012

We’ve created a simple plugin to hide the deprecated notifications which can appear in the WordPress admin screens.

Download it from the WordPress site or simply search for “Disable deprecated” from Plugins > Add New in your blog’s admin interface.


When developing a WordPress website, theme or plugin, it’s important to set ol_DEBUG to true in wp-config.php. This tells WordPress to be more chatty about things that might be going wrong. Under the hood it turns on PHP error reporting and also enables WordPress’ deprecated messages. These messages are an important way to tell theme and plugin developers that certain functions, arguments or files have been deprecated and that their use is discouraged. Unfortunately, when a piece of code is marked as deprecated, it takes some time for all the plugin authors to update their plugins and until they do so, the offending plugins will be raising errors and warnings all over the place.

This plugin places a big band-aid over the whole thing by simply disabling those deprecated notices… thereby resolving the issue… forever.