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FreeAgent Budget Summary

13 Apr 2011

This Firefox and Chrome extension adds a small graph to the FreeAgent project summary screen showing the labour spend, project expenses and remaining budget.

FreeAgent is a web application to help small businesses like us keep our accounts in shape. It’s great and it makes our lives so much easier but it lacks a quick way to see if a project is on track or in danger of going over budget.

Using the information already contained on the project summary screen, the extension creates an At a Glance box containing a stacked bar chart showing expenses, labour (time multiplied by billing rate) and remaining budget.

If your project has the misfortune to go over budget, this is also shown on the chart.


Firefox users need to install Greasemonkey first then install the extension.

Google Chrome users can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Internet Explorer and Safari users may be able to get add-ons to support Greasemonkey scripts but we haven’t tested this so we can’t give you any guidance.

The extension runs entirely within the page in your web browser. None of your personal information is sent anywhere else.

We’ve been using it for a week or so and it’s been really helpful. We hope you find it useful too.


The chart is not shown if the project does not have a budget or billing rate set. Also, if the budget is set in days rather than hours or pounds, the chart is not shown as it is not possible to convert days into hours without knowing the length of a working day (i.e. 7, 7.5 or 8 hours).

Billable and unbillable hours are counted together.


The code is on GitHub if you would like to make any changes.

Change Log

  • v2.0 – 20 Jun 2014
    Updated for new FreeAgent layout. Thanks to Pole Vault Web.
  • v1.4 – 15 Nov 2011
    Updated to match new freeagent.com URLs
  • v1.3 – 20 Jul 2011
    Tweak to account for change in page HTML
  • v1.2 – 6 Jul 2011
    Fixes bug that stopped it working on other FreeAgent domains (thanks Japh)
    Auto-detects the currency
  • v1.1 – 25 May 2011
    Shows exact figure for labour, expenses and remaining budget as well as graph
  • v1.0 – 13 Apr 2011
    First public release