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Outlandish x Print Club London

By Matt Crow, 23 May 2014


  • What: Outlandish family day out
  • When: Tuesday 20/05/2014
  • Where: Print Works, Dalston, London
  • Dresscode: Orange jumpsuits, obviously

Earlier this week we all swapped our shiny HD widescreens for some lovely old aluminium ones down at Print Club London.

The morning session was pretty informative as Print Works’ Claudia filled our brains with all the ‘what-to & what-not-to-dos’. We were also shown a collection of prints that included heaps of different techniques. Claudia explained how these were created, a pretty neat insight. With all our new knowledge onboard and our artwork ready, green gooey emulsion applied to all our screens, we exposed our artwork… and then went for dim sum. Priorities.

With full bellies we headed back to the club. On entering we all selected a paint-covered apron/jacket and were then ready to print some screens. Rasmus opted for a full-body bright orange jump suit, like a pro. The high tech printers whose artwork consisted of two layers were to kick things off as this allowed more drying time before applying the second layer.

Sam was up first, pressure. With everyone gathered round Claudia and Sam setup the first print bed, and after aligning the artwork, adjusting the snap, Sam flooded the screen. He then made the first print. Woo. Following the ‘See One, Do One, Teach One’ method we all headed of to other print beds to get things underway.

It was great to see everyone take up different roles which helped the process of producing our prints. Around each printer were little helpers that tactically swapped in the new paper, whilst another removed the print and placed it on the drying rack. When we had all made our prints and were washed down, we packed our prints up and headed for a well earned beverage.

All our prints are currently in a secure location, but we are looking into ways in which we can display them around the studio. When they’re up, look out for an invite to our very first private viewing! The little red stickers will be on standby.

Overall the whole day was a great experience. Taking time out from looking at our screens and getting our hands dirty was super fun, and we would like to thank Print Club London for a fab day out!