We’re pleased to announce that Outlandish has been recognised as a Living Wage employer by the Living Wage Foundation – especially as it happens to be Living Wage Week at the moment.

Mayor Sadiq Khan kicked things off on Monday by announcing that the  London Living Wage would break the £10 barrier for the first time, rising from £9.75 to £10.20 hour.

That’s good to hear – and it’s nice to know that the lowest rate at Outlandish goes well beyond at £16.67 an hour (or £125 a day).

Our pay policy also goes a little further in the pursuit of fairness, with a strict 3:1 ratio and total pay transparency.

The most senior, experienced and highly skilled members of our cooperative cannot earn any more than three times the most junior freelancer, whether they’re a developer, cleaner or designer, while everyone can see that the similarly skilled are similarly paid.

Outlander Ellie Harries, who sorted the accreditation (thanks Ellie!), said: “I think the Living Wage campaign is a really great initiative and it’s a no-brainer that companies should be paying enough for people to live on.

The living wage is something Outlandish pays because we want to practice what we preach and live in a more equal city. 

“It’s great to lend support to the Living Wage Foundation which does such a good job campaigning and raising awareness on this issue.”