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Featured on the Hire My Friend blog!

01 May 2014


We’re big fans of Hire My Friend at Outlandish. It’s a really simple way to find great new talent from one of our favourite London product agencies. In fact I was hired on the site, and we’re currently reaching out to other (almost as) talented people on the platform.

Hire My Friend are fans of Outlandish too. Founder Nick Marsh popped by our offices the other day to discuss the HMF product, how we use it, and some upcoming changes. We also had a chat about Outlandish’s plans to fully re-incorporate as a worker-owned business, and how our model means profits are returned back to the owners (us!).

If you want to read quotes like “previously we’ve often hired people by meeting them in the pub, and this somehow feels like an extension of that!” then visit the blog. Thanks Nick, pop back soon.