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One month at Outlandish

By Michael Ohl, 26 Sep 2014


Today is our final day working as interns here at the Outlandish office and with the upcoming flight back home, one can’t help but think about the events of the previous month.

We arrived not knowing what to expect, but were greeted with open arms and immediately felt almost like home. But of course in stark contrast to home, there was no time to be lazy, as there was plenty of work to be done.

Besides helping out testing some websites and learning to write automated test scripts on Selenium, we shortly received a task to create a website for a local charity organisation – a seemingly straightforward task that grew bigger and bigger, as did our skills.

The website was made for a series of events, called Refugeetales, that intends to raise awareness about the indefinite detentions of war refugees by holding a series of walks and events around the countryside. A worthy cause … and a worthy challenge as there always seemed to be something to add or improve on the website, but luckily we had an office full of wise and helpful people who gave us good guidance all throughout the project, so looking at the final result, we feel like we can be pretty proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish and be thankful for all the new things we’ve learned.

They say time flies when you’re having fun… The fact that the past month has felt like a mere week can probably speak for itself.

On behalf of ourselves we wish you all the best!

-Martin and Janar (interns for a month)