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New offices, new beginnings

19 Apr 2021

We’ve moved! 

After more than 6 years in Tower House (aka Outlandish Towers) we’ve moved up the road. We’re now on the 4th floor of 113-115 Fonthill Road. 

With everyone working at home, and quite a few of us set to be remote somewhat permanently, February 2021 was a bit of a weird time to take on new offices. But in true Outlandish style, while most companies across the world are downsizing, we decided to increase our physical space.

As you’ll know if you’ve ever visited, our old offices had a lot of charm. But the floor sloped, half the windows were stuck shut, the roof leaked and you either boiled in summer or froze in winter. And anyhow, the landlord recently acquired planning permission to remodel the whole building so our days were numbered. It just so happened that we knew that the top floor of the new SPACE4 building was becoming vacant, it seemed like fate that we ought to come back to being under one roof.

We deliberated and negotiated for a while, nearly got cold feet a couple of times, but we did it! The move was pretty bonkers – it’s amazing how many weird toys we’ve acquired over the years (massive sculpture of a banker, Donald Trump’s face made out of household sponges, pressurized gas-powered potato cannon, to name but a few). 

The new offices are really lovely. We’ve got windows pretty much 360° so it’s really light and airy, and you even get a decent view of London from some spots! We’ve got plenty of space to work, hang out, meet clients and run workshops. We’ve taken all the great organisations who we cohabited with before – Animorph, Good Praxis, Go Free Range and Love Music Hate Racism

We’ve not done much with the offices yet. They’re a blank canvas, and we’ve got them for 10 years. 10 years! It’s so exciting, thinking about all the good times we’re going to have in them, and the good work that is going to be done there. The future seems a little uncertain at the moment, and having this commitment really feels like an anchor for us. We’ve taken a punt that Outlandish will be going strong for the next decade. 

This also means that we’re committed to staying in Finsbury Park for this long. We really love Finsbury Park – it’s full of independent businesses, and amazing cafes. In fact, we’re even closer stumbling distance from the W.B Yeats now, our favourite local pub. A new commercial development has just been completed, and the businesses are all opening. Bar one, they’re all chains, and there’s a good chance that this will change the atmosphere of the area. We really hope that we can do our bit to guide this to a positive and inclusive change. 

If you’re interested in popping by for a tea, or even coming to coexist with us get in touch.